Helping Klamath County reach a 100% graduation rate one student at a time.

Business Opportunities

Business & Organization checklist

Picking three or more will help increase student success!

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  • Advocate for and promote the Klamath Promise.
  • Prominently display your Klamath Promise window sticker.
  • Place the Klamath Promise logo on your advertising.
    • Offer in-kind donations or ad-sharing.
  • Promote or link your business Facebook, social media, or website to the Klamath Promise Facebook page.
    • Invite your customers to Like the Klamath Promise Facebook page
    • Post your business activities that directly support the Klamath Promise on the Klamath Promise Facebook page.
    • Regularly post upcoming school events or Klamath Promise “shout outs” on advertising or social media.
  • Create employee volunteering incentives and recognition or awards (see the Klamath Promise Volunteer Checklist).
    • Provide flextime or paid time off for employees to volunteer in area schools.
    • Set a goal to increase employee volunteerism. Determine current volunteer hours and set a goal to double them (refer to the Klamath Promise Volunteer Checklist).
  • Provide parenting literature and the Klamath Promise Family Checklist in the workplace or in staff meetings.
  • Offer student customers a good grade discount or incentive.
  • Host workshops or trainings: parenting, life skills, communication, self-care, tutoring, or others. More information will be provided to you.
  • When possible, hire student employees: Students who work 10-20 hours per week perform better academically.
    • Provide break time study areas in the workplace
    • Reward student employees that show academic progress
  • Adopt a school or classroom. More information will be provided to you.


Provide Financial Support

  • Create a payroll deduction option for employee donations.
  • Donate a portion of proceeds for a day, week, month, or year to the Klamath Promise.
  • Sponsor one or more students in the 21st Century After School program. More information will be provided to you.


Or create your own support ideas…

To partner with the Klamath Promise, please return this form to Klamath Promise, 2701 Foothills Blvd., Klamath Falls, OR 97603, email to, fax to 541-885-4427, or fill out online at  THANK YOU!