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Picking five or more will help your student succeed!

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  • Rest rejuvenates! Do your best to ensure your student gets plenty of sleep and gets to bed early!
  • Missing meals is a drain on the brain. Prepare and encourage your student to eat well-balanced, healthy meals and snacks!
  • Fresh air is fun and fantastic for the mind and body. See that your student spends some time outside, by getting exercise playing in the sunshine each day!
  • School is cool! Encourage your student to be there every day and give their best!
  • Backpack dump daily! Make sure to share this task with your student.  Review your student’s school work, information and homework questions.
  • Love your local library. A library card provides a fun and free passport to adventures, history, the world and so much more!
  • Books are nifty and necessary. Fill your home with a wide variety of reading materials that are interesting for both you and your student.
  • Read to succeed! Share reading time with your student, listen to them read, read to them, encourage their independent reading and a love of literacy, always.
  • Be a model! Model excitement and enthusiasm for reading, learning, and school and service activities for your student.
  • Homework helper has a nice ring to it! While a student’s work should always be their own, offer assistance to your student, as needed, to answer questions, help understand directions and develop ideas.
  • Create a quiet space for learning! A place where your student can focus and learn without distractions. Make sure needed supplies are available, as they are important to a project’s success.
  • Media mayhem can be a roadblock to student success. Limit your student’s electronic media time to an hour or less per day.  Encourage them to stretch their imagination in new and different ways.
  • Be a communication sensation! Try to visit early and often with your student’s teachers, administrators, and coaches.  Be a strong partner for your student’s success!
  • Partner in your student’s progress! Connect with the school at the first signs of your student having trouble or concerns.  The school has many ways to help you track your student’s progress or get resources to help your student where they might be stumbling.
  • Create a contagious commitment to support your student in their schoolwork, efforts, dreams and ambitions. This all begins with inspiring them to give their best and brightest.  Watching you do the same is a great place to start

Place this checklist on your desk or refrigerator!

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