Helping Klamath County reach a 100% graduation rate one student at a time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities–ways you can directly participate in the Klamath Promise.

If you agree to volunteer four or more hours with one of the following affiliated organizations listed below, you can be recognized as helping keep the Klamath Promise. Just sign and return this form by fax, email or postal mail to:

Fax: 541-885-4427

Klamath Promise, 2701 Foothill Blvd, Klamath Falls, OR 97603

  • SMART Reading Program — SMART stands for Start Making a Reader Today. The program pairs caring, adult volunteers with children in need of reading support and providing books to take home and keep.Average number of volunteer hours per month: Average 1 hour per week (4 hours per month). Volunteers are subject to background checkContact: Holly Stork at 541-273-2424 or e-mail For more information about the SMART reading program please go to
  • Citizens for Safe Schools — Creating a safe and drug free community where all children, especially those at risk for delinquency, academic failure or victimization have opportunities to build resiliency and character and all adults feel empowered to help them. Volunteer training programs are available. Average number of volunteer hours per month: 1 hour per week. Contact: Debbie Vought541-882-3198 or For more information about Citizens for Safe Schools please visit
  • CASA for Children of Klamath County — Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. Contact Karri Mirande 541-885-6017 or visit for more information. Average number of volunteer hours per month: Average 10 hours per month. Volunteers are subject to background check. Contact: Karri Mirande at 541-885-6017 or e-mailFor more information about CASA please visit
  • ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) is looking for community members that will be trained to help students access education and training beyond high school. Volunteer training program is available. Average number of volunteer hours per month: varies ASPIRE programs are active in the following schools:
  • Junior Achievement — The JA mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Volunteer training takes approximately one hour. You may attend one of our group training sessions or train online through our interactive online training program. Average number of volunteer hours per month: Average number of volunteer hours per month totals 4-5 hours, with five 30-45 minute classroom visits, depending on grade level. The volunteer schedules his/her visits with the teacher. Contact: Deanna Wilson 541-884-1190 or email Volunteers must sign a code of conduct form to be filled out before we match the volunteer with a class. For more information about Junior Achievement please visit
  • Friends of the Children — A pioneering model for mentoring, based on the most promising research available. Volunteer training program is availableAverage number of volunteer hours per month: 5-10 hours per month. Contact: Angela Groves 541-281-1201 or email For more information about Friends of the Children please visit
  • Integral Youth Services — A faith-based organization providing intervention services and lifestyle alternatives to at-risk youth and their families. There are a variety of volunteer activities available. Please check out for information. Contact: Robyn Pierson at 541-882-2053 or email
  • Klamath County Library — Providing reading programs and materials for our youth. Opportunities available in the 6 week summer program or throughout the year. Volunteer training program: usually 1 to 2 weeks before the program starts in the summerDuring the 6 week program, up to 3 hours per Wednesday morning. Adult Volunteer Opportunities are available. For more information about this program and others please contact Supervising Librarian Nathalie Johnston at 541-882-8894 ext. 26 or stop in at the library.
  • Be a spokesperson — Volunteer recruitment discussions in the community, either at a business, faith-based organization or school. For more information please email